Why Choose Us?

We know that most legal problems cause people a great deal of distress and anxiety. Family separation is a particularly difficult time.

Same sex relationship breakdowns may have special considerations – what are your rights? What happens to children, particularly conceived by non-traditional methods? We can answer all of these questions.

What you need at this time is to be given clear advice that you can understand, and that gives you a way to move forward. You need to know what your costs are going to be. You need to know what your options are and your chances of success if you are thinking about litigation.

We also understand that money is crucial at this point as most of our clients just can't afford to pay hefty legal bills. We have structured our practice so that your legal fees are as low as we can make them; for example we give you the option of completing court documents yourself in draft, and we don't waste your money on anything that is unnecessary or that you could do yourself. 

We will give you the best possible legal advice in a way that you will understand it and will follow up the advice in writing.

We will tell you at regular intervals what your costs are going to be for the next stage.

We will not ask you to pay thousands of dollars up front, we will allow you to pay in instalments as your case progresses.

We will be honest with you if we think your case has problems.

We will offer you sensible advice.

We will try to keep your costs as low as possible by asking you to do as much as you can in your case.

We will communicate with you quickly and efficiently.

We will run your court case as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.

We can also offer a mediation service as an alternative to each party engaging lawyers or going to court.

We are accessible.  You can deal with us online from home, any time of day, anywhere in Australia.