We know life is busy and you may not have time to come into the office or you might live remotely. We deal with most of our clients by email and if you are happy to be advised in that manner we are happy to accommodate you.

How it works

Email us your query. We will get back in touch with you within 24 hours with our estimate as to fees to provide you with a brief initial advice. 

If we have enough information, the initial advice will also give you our very best estimate as to what fees you are likely to incur for the work you wish us to undertake. But all you need to pay for up front, is the initial advice, which we will send to you within 24 hours of payment.  That may answer your question or you may have further work you would like us to do – in which case,  you then decide whether to take the matter further.

This saves you money, because lawyers charge according to time.  It takes more time to ask questions of you, write down your history and relevant information, verbally give you a response and follow that up in writing, than it takes to read your questions and respond.

All discussions are confidential and your email correspondence is as well. 

We have flexible payment arrangements. We won't be asking you for thousands of dollars up front. We will give you our honest assessment of fees for each stage of proceedings. We won’t clock up fees you can't afford. For more information about fees, go to "Why Choose Us".  

Go to our online form and start the consulting process today!